10 Green Beauty Products for Black Women

We introduce 10 Green Beauty Products for Black Women.  

For many Black women, the decision to move towards natural beauty products has less to do with when to make the change, but how. The market is overly saturated, and it can be difficult to decide which products are best for you. Even the process of identifying your skin type, and the unique needs for your skin can be daunting.

With these concerns in mind, BLK + GRN has compiled a list of 10 natural beauty products for Black women to help get you started. These products use basic natural ingredients that work for multiple skin types.

For those of you who prefer to use items from the same product line, we highly recommend these three brands that have created multi-step systems specifically for Black women.

The first comes to us from Jacq’s Organics, a plant-based all natural bath, body and skin care brand. Using raw and unrefined ingredients, ensures that all of their natural products are environmentally friendly and toxin free.

With a focus on nurturing the body and mind, Brown & Coconut creates luxurious products with a garden sensibility, including fragrant oils and butters for every skin type.

The Healing Place Apothecary takes a holistic approach to creating skin and hair products for Black women. Using herbs and plant-based ingredients assures the brands eco-friendly commitment.

Whether you choose to start small or jump head first into the process, we encourage you to learn as much about your skin as possible. For help in understanding your particular skin type, visit Understanding Your Skin + Building a Routine for guidance.