Incorporating Herbs into your Wellness Routine

If you’re curious about how to incorporate herbs on your wellness journey but have no idea where to start, one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to learn is by drinking tea! Herbs used in tea blends are selected for their healing properties of the mind, body, and soul, so the benefits of drinking tea to heal yourself from within are endless. Drinking tea can help soothe anxiety and stress, give an energy boost without the crash of coffee, help lessen pain during your monthly cycle, and so much more!


One of our first BLK + GRN artisans, Rachael D. learned about ancestral natural healing at the beginning of her wellness journey in 2012. Out of what she learned, her company Golden Flourish was born, and now women everywhere are able to benefit from her organic tea blends that are just as nourishing and delicious as they are effective.

Golden Flourish sources organic leaves that are free from pesticides and fertilizers so the benefits of the teas are that much more powerful. Many non-organic conventional tea brands have been found to contain harmful toxins or pesticides that are known carcinogens. 

When you shop the Nourish section of the site, you’ll find two carefully curated blends from Rachael’s line, the Serene Moon blend that brings tranquility, relaxation, and balance to your day and the Moon Herbal blend to ease the discomforts and tensions of your monthly cycle.


A cup of the Serene Moon blend has some of the world’s most calming herbs like Gotu Kola and Chamomile that help with depression and anxiety, Holy Basil and Lemon Balm for stress reduction, and Peppermint Tea for its aromatic benefits.

If your monthly cycle brings you pain or discomfort, the Moon Blend is just the TLC you and your uterus need! Powerful herbs like Lady’s Mantle and Nettle Leaf for pain relief, Raspberry Leaf for reproductive health, Cinnamon Bark for cramps, and Damiana leaf to ease anxiety, are combined together to bring you comfort.

Learn more about Rachael and Golden Flourish by reading her artisan profile or stopping by the Nourish section of our shop and making a selection! Shipping is always free for orders $50 or more and you’re supporting Black and women-owned creators and makers with each purchase. #BuyBlackLiveGreen

The Golden Flourish Moon Tea has brought me to another level. I experience less nausea, minimal cramps, and I’m no longer trapped in a debilitated state in bed during my menstrual cycle. The taste is great, herbal with a delicate sweetness, AND it’s ALL NATURAL. No mysterious fillers and micro wood chips here. All in all, a great product you can rely on.
— Moon tea drinker