Cuticle Cream

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After a long day, soak your hands in warm water and vigorously rub in hunnybunny cuticle cream to soften dry cuticles. Your nails will thank you! Hunnybunny’s luxurious formula provides deep hydration from the nail bed all the way up to your fingertips. Nails are strengthened by Vitamin E and Argan Oil while soothing Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil moisturize and soften cuticles, making them less prone to dryness and cracking. Hunnybunny Cuticle Cream is proudly made using 100% natural ingredients, so you can enjoy the botanical benefits with none of the toxins!

  • Shea Butter: Being high in vitamins and fatty acids, shea works to bring moisture and hydration to your skin and nails.
  • Argan Oil: Another ingredient with a high concentration of fatty acids to nourish skin and nails. It also has soothing properties and helps to alleviate skin irritation.
  • Vitamin E Oil: As an antioxidant, it helps protect skin from environmental damage such UV rays and air pollutants.

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