Organic Soy Nail Polish Remover


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Toss that acetone in the trash where it belongs! Here’s an organic soy nail polish remover infused with pure essential oils. This plant-based nail polish remover is an earth-friendly alternative to switching up your nail color. With its botanical-derived ingredients, your nails get a clean, healthy reset.

Butyl Acetate: A natural alternative to acetone, the organic compound found to give red apples and many other fruits their flavor, also doubles as a cosmetic agent that helps to dissolve polish and other manicuring products safely.

Customer Reviews

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Bethany H.

I was skeptical at first about an oil to remove nail polish, but WOW was I surprised at how well it removes polish! It also leaves my cuticles moisturized, as opposed to super dried out like other acetone nail polish removers. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Delainey B.

I am SHOCKED by how well this worked! I had on the deepest burgundy polish I own, multiple layers, with a super strong top coat and this took it off with ZERO staining to my nails or skin! It is so smooth and moisturizing. Not gonna lie, it took a little more work than normal polish remover, but it is worth the beauty that my nails are experiencing!

Apple’z S.

I love this odorless, natural nail polish remover. Polish came off very easily. I would definitely recommend this product to family/friends. Thank you!

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