Conscious Life Shop

Tiffany Shelton, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, is a conscious lifestyle writer, a PhD candidate, and the founder of Conscious Life Shop, dedicated to making enlightenment easy. She worked as a therapist for many years, and is currently training to become a neuropsychologist in Los Angeles, California.  Her passion to elevate consciousness goes beyond the message of self-care or wellness, but instead consciously adds to these movements by demanding awakening and insight.

Substantiated by her psychology experience and education, Tiffany combines her knowledge of the human psyche with her passion to spiritually evolve, helping others to attain self-fulfillment along the way.

With meditation albums, writings, public speaking, teaching, and research, Tiffany fulfills her purpose to help others elevate their own consciousness. Part of this mission is her online store,  Also, her archetypal counter-stereotypical theory is currently being researched for the possible mental health benefits for African American women.