Baobab Moisturising Detangler & Cleanser

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We prefer to avoid calling this a detangling shampoo. Instead, we call ours a detangling cleanser because it’s softening and moisturising while cleansing thoroughly. It also acts as your pre-poo detangler before you wash. Are you tired of that stripped feeling after you’ve just washed your hair? Wash your hair not strip it of its natural oils.

- Detangle hair with our Baobab Cleanser
- Avoid stripping hair with our Sweet Almond oil and Lavender oil
- Soothe scalp with our calming Aloe Vera and Peppermint oil
- Ever heard of a Cleanser that replaces the primary lipids on the hair strand?This one does.
- Attract and lock in moisture with our superior humectant for supple and rich hair strands
- Reverse UV damage, environmental stress and chemical change while replenishing the very important hydro-lipid layer
- In the beginning, I wondered why products had toxic ingredients in them. Then I wondered why natural products didn't work. Now, that I think I've solved those two problems, I'm addressing sustainability and multi-use products rather than having multiple products which creates confusion for the consumer and a strain on supply chain which impacts our world.

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