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When the main ingredient is love, you can end your search for a product that eases the discomforts and tensions of your monthly cycle. Rest assured, you no longer have to fret about that time of the month and the pain that comes with it. This special handcrafted herbal moon blend was designed with your reproductive health, comfort, and wellbeing in mind to give your lady parts some special love and attention during your sensitive time.

  • Lady’s Mantle Plant: Salicylic acid contained in this herb gives the astringent power to provide relief from physical symptoms that come with menstruation.
  • Nettle Leaf: Another powerful aid in calming menstrual symptoms. It may help reduce excessive bleeding, potentially shortening your cycle.
  • Damiana Leaf: Helpful in relieving stomach issues, it works to curb symptoms such as irritability, moodiness, and cramping.

Customer Reviews

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Audrey N.

This stuff is MAGIC! I've dealt with terrible cramps for years and this worked way better than Advil or Midol ever did. Echoing some of the other reviews, the bag is definitely a bit smaller than I thought it was going to be, but you really don't need much because it's really effective. Cannot recommend this enough!

Holly M. (Van Nuys, US)
Don't go through your cycle without it

This tea is a menstruater's gift! I wish I had started sipping it 20 years ago, but now I won't go through another cycle without it. Helps mood, stomach stuff, pains, and bloating. It immediately acts as a balm. Thank you!

TB (Novi, US)
The only good thing about menstruation..

I struggle with cramps during my time of the month so caffeine is out of the question. My mornings feel so sad without my typical mug of hot coffee. The tea was an excellent substitute that left me feeling soothed! While I do not look forward to my next cycle, this tea definitely makes the whole experience a lot better.

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