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Aluminum free and gently cooling, this nourishing deodorant balm is made with organic aloe butter for a soothing treat for your underarms. A touch of baking soda and arrowroot powder blocks just enough moisture to keep skin fresh while still allowing the natural detoxification of the body to work its best.

  • Aloe-based Freshness: Gentle on the skin, this balm is lovingly made without harmful ingredients like parabens, aluminum, or mineral oil. The plant-based formula is designed to let underarms breathe and it smells great too!
  • Illipe Butter: The Illipe nut provides softening and long-lasting moisturizing properties, especially for chronically dry, cracked skin.
  • Aloe Butter: Quickly hydrates the skin with natural soothing properties (lignin) which helps other active ingredients work even better on the skin. It also has a pleasant aroma.
  • Kaolin Clay: When applied on skin and mixed with a little warm water, kaolin clay soaks up excess sweat and oils, neutralizing body odors without leaving skin dry or irritated.

Customer Reviews

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Christina T.

This is my all time favorite deodorant. Goes on smooth and last me all day, I enjoy the smell and it does not leave my skin irritated. It is now a must in my morning regiment.

Corey P.

This is great! It is more of a solid bar than I expected, but that is probably because our house is a little on the cold side. (Or maybe I misunderstood the product listing.) But I just use my nail or a little scooper/spatula to scrape a little out, and then it spreads beautifully against my skin. It's moisturizing and comfortable, and I don't notice any unpleasant smell at the end of the day. I don't mind sweating, but I don't want to smell like BO, and this is one of the only items I've found that really takes care of the BO without smelling excessively like fresh linen or whatever.

Steph W.

I've never used a balm deodorant before, but I was super surprised by how good it was. The smell is also amazing.

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