Effie’s Paper:Stationery & Whatnot

Founder: Kalyn Johnson Chandler

Kalyn Johnson Chandler-effie's paper-BLKGRN.JPG

Kalyn Johnson Chandler, originally started Effie's Paper because she wasn’t finding the kind of personalized stationery she wanted to purchase.  You could say that Stationery is a part of Kalyn’s DNA, not only was it a childhood obsession – her grandmother and company namesake, Mrs. Effie Hayes, who worked at Michigan’s Mitchell’s Greeting Card Company many years ago, was the one who introduced Kalyn to the notion of having her own personal stash of stationery for just about any occasion.

Today, Effie’s Paper is a lifestyle brand setting the trend for what lifestyle accessories to buy, how to travel in style and how much coffee it’s chic to drink on a daily basis.  Kalyn leverages her creativity and business savvy to create fun, trendy and on-message products that inspire today’s young African-American female professional to do what she loves with passion and verve. From their products to their packaging, everything that’s touched by the Effie’s Paper team is designed to make a girl’s heart leap!