Golden flourish

Founder: Rachael Daley 

Golden Flourish Organic Tea

Golden Flourish was created out of purpose, passion and love. Recognizing that life is a journey and we are similar to flowers in the process. We stand through the seasons as they arise, and are able to use our innate wisdom to guide us through it all. We sometimes might feel weathered by the storm, but it is exactly that which nourishes us in order to flourish into the amazing, beautiful beings that we are.

It was not until making the transition back to natural hair in 2012, that Racheal started digging up her soul purpose. She began to learn more about natural ways of living, and living in balance. It was as if the Universe knew she was ready! She was able to be connected with a mentor that introduced her to Health and Wellness coaching, and it was then she had an idea of where she was headed.

Racheal recognized that being a Wellness coach was not all there was in her ability to share wellness. She reclaimed her connection to herbal medicine, and worked as a doula to heal the next generation. Once Racheal, understood that her wellness modalities where coaching and herbs she realized that helping others heal was truly her birth given plan. The very name that she was given spoke of her path in healing herself to help others; RacHEAL.