London's pedisoaks

Founder: Chris Loney

Chris Loney - London's Pedisoaks

London's Pedisoaks creates handmade vegan foot care products. Chris Loney, the mastermind behind London's Pedisoaks, is a Certified Aromatherapist and the Mastermind behind London's Pedisoaks. 

 She created the brand during her pregnancy, because she suffered from severe edema. The only way to relieve her swollen feet was through warm foot baths and massage. She combined her love for clean beauty with key recipes designed to soften skin & calluses, smooth rough heels, reduce swelling & pain, address the discomfort of high heels and many more common foot frustrations.

London's Pedisoaks are handcrafted with purposeful ingredients. Our cruelty-free, non-toxic foot care products are American-made soothing, reviving and gently smoothing your feet. All of our ingredients are carefully selected to elevate your foot care rituals. There mission is to create premium quality foot care products that provide effective results. We believe, "Happy feet. Happy life".