LooHoo Wool balls

Founder: Cyndi Prince

Cyndi Price - LooHoo Wool Balls

When Cyndi became pregnant, she learned that children are more susceptible to toxic chemicals than adults.  She knew she wanted to create a healthy home environment for her child.  She started researching, and was determined to protect my family's health and choose safer non-toxic products for our home.

Her quest for creating a healthier home began in the laundry room.
Since we would be doing A LOT more laundry with a new baby, 
coupled with the fact that we chose to cloth diaper, she knew she needed to start there.  The detergent she used for years was the first to go.

Next, she looked at the clothes dryer and began researching dryer sheets.
She was shocked to learn about the harmful chemicals they contained and the
negative impact they had on our clothes and our dryer.  

Right then and there, she stopped using dryer sheets. 

She began the search for a natural alternative that would help soften our laundry and came across wool dryer balls. It felt like she was discovering the best-kept laundry secret! Wool dryer balls are made with only wool, which is all natural, sustainable, biodegradable and durable PLUS they soften our clothes and reduce our dry time.  It sounded too good to be true until she tested them for herself. They worked! Really, really well! Unfortunately, the wool balls she purchased didn't last long and started to unravel. 

Having a creative background that stems from a childhood fascination will all things CRAFTY, she was determined to make her own. She visited a local farm, purchased some wool and got to work. Needless to say, they turned out disastrous!  So, I got some more wool and tried again, and again, and again… until I came up with a method that worked.  WooHoo, the first LooHoo!