Marla Rene Skincare

Founders: marla Rene & Tezra Leak

Marla Rene Skincare

Marla Rene remembers her mom telling her as a child, "Marla, your beauty is you, therefore there is no beauty greater than." It took her years to completely embrace that one piece of advice her mother had given her. Sadly, we as women, still battle with this issue. Marla is feverishly passionate about self-love, acceptance and empowerment. Her mission is to break the stereotypes of what beauty is.  We should all embrace our natural beauty. Hopefully, her line will help with any skincare insecurities that hinders us from feeling fierce, whether it's acne scarring, uneven skin tone or fine lines and wrinkles. 
She was drawn to creating a natural skincare solution for women of color, after caring for her mother who passed away from complications with cancer. While caring for her, I was forced to take notice of ingredients in products she was using. At that time, she had no idea that the knowledge I was gaining would birth Marla Rene Skincare. She needed an outlet during her grieving process and dove into making her own products.  Through trial and error and years of research, she is excited to bring to you a line that was created out of passion, diligence and love. Each product is handcrafted and formulated for our melanin magic beauties.


Growing up, Terza had a distorted view of beauty. It was everything she thought she wasn't. Her environment constantly reminded her of how abnormal she really was, whatever that means. Over the years she found solace in knowing that as a unique and powerful child of God, she is perfectly imperfect and BEE-U-TIFUL in every way. 

Out of necessity she had to make some real life changes and a passion for health and fitness grew from the heavens. If you had told her she'd become a certified personal training, she'd have thought you had three heads. So it had to be God because if it were up to her she would still be over 300lbs, depressed with deathly high blood pressure. None the less, fitness became the driving force to my mental, physical and spiritual transformation. That journey of joy, pain, tears, triumph, failure and a whole lot of sweat, brought forth a powerful determination, drive and passion no words can adequately define. 

Partnering with the most wonderfully creative and beautiful people I know to take that love of health and wellness to a new level was something my spirit needed. How great is it to be in a space where I can positively impact women to be fit and healthy inside out and outside in.

What we create here at Marla Rene Skincare is more than just some products. It's love, hope, dreams and possibilities. With YOU as our #1 ingredient, our hearts and souls go into every stir, mix and pour.