No. 46 - Hibiscus and Geranium Facial Mask

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You deserve to get the best results possible for your skin, and that’s what this mask is all about. A decadent blend of hibiscus extract and geranium essential oil are just what you need when it comes to revitalizing your complexion, reducing acne breakouts, lightening sun spots or hyperpigmentation from acne scars.

This face mask maintains skin elasticity while also tightening pores to reduce blackheads. Natural skin care has never felt this good! It's time for new beginnings with this fabulous facial mask made with you in mind.

  • Geranium Oil: As a sterilizing antimicrobial, it helps to soothe and calm irritated skin and reduce acne.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt: Amazing and gently exfoliant that helps to penetrate the skin, leaving it nourished and refreshed.
  • French Green Clay: Another great exfoliant that scrubs away dead skin cells to soften and smoothen your skin.

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