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If synthetic fragrances are a huge NO, then why are there so many feminine washes that have them? Meet The Honey Pot Normal Wash. Unlike the typical, chemical-filled hygiene product in grocery aisles, this feminine wash is actually made especially for your honey pot. Welcome to the revolutionary world of feminine hygiene! Gentle, No-Chemical Clean. Banish odor-causing bacteria, balance pH levels with natural plant essences, and boost moisture levels. The first step of a 3-step system, (wash, wipe, and pad), this floral feminine wash is formulated with plant-based goodness in a lighter concentration.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Skin-clearing ACV contains alpha-hydroxy acids that remove dead skin and reveal healthy and vibrant new skin, restoring the proper pH levels.
  • Marshmallow Root Extract: Intensely hydrating, marshmallow root contains mucilage that gives this marshmallow root its next-level hydrating, softening, and balancing properties.
  • Rose Water: Lovely as it sounds—the mild astringent properties of rose water help tighten pores and gently tone skin.

Customer Reviews

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Maddie (Catford, GB)
Gentle & Refreshing

Lovely to have a product I can trust! I am super sensitive to chemicals on or near my intimate areas, this is a product which will be a repeat buy!

B. Nance (Katy, US)
Super refreshing!

I love having a product that was curated by a woman. I can trust the ingredients and trust the results. I'm very conscious of what I use on my body so this product is perfect!

Katelyn S.

Great product!

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