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Make peace with your period™ now that you’ve discovered The Honey Pot. Combining the power of botanicals with super-absorbent technology, our cooling, herbal-infused winged pads create daily menstrual protection that is truly revolutionary. 16 pads come in a pack. Cooling Clean. These “clean cotton” super-sized pads are free of both chlorine and pesticides. Instead, the Honey Pot highly-absorbent pads are infused with rose, lavender, aloe, and mint essential oils to help reduce odor, relieve cramping, and protect from annoying leakages.

  • Rose Essential Oil: Rose essential oil contains excellent emollient properties that moisturize dry skin as its astringent and soothing properties help prevent chafing and irritation.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: One of the superpowers of this calming flower is its ability to alleviate nervous tension and other period symptoms, and disinfect the skin while leaving a lovely aroma.
  • Aloe Essential Oil: The natural hormones—auxin and gibberellins—of aloe vera juice provide rejuvenating and calming properties that help reduce skin irritation.

Why We Love It Periods can be more than just painful and unpleasant—they can signal an all-out war between your hormones, emotions, skin, and pH. And we haven’t always had botanically-powered, vagina-loving products to help us heal, manage, and go with the flow, but that was before Honey Pot. We love these clean-cotton pads’ absorbency because they provide protection that makes it easy for us to keep our plans no matter the “time of the month” without worrying about annoying leaks.

How To Use It All the old school mamas won’t be surprised to know this, but you can dampen and freeze pads and store them in the freezer for an in-the-clutch ice pack.

What To Know The mint herbal infusion does give off a noticeable cooling sensation; it may catch you by surprise, but it’s not a dealbreaker for most. The mint infusion is also what works to calm cramps and cancel odor. You may also be surprised to discover that the pad is thinner than you’ve seen most other pads. Don’t let the thinness fool you; their super-absorbent technology replaces synthetic fillers known to bulk up conventional pads.

What Makes It Green Conventional pads could never. This revolution in feminine care gives us the pads, and other essentials we’ve longed for that are plant-based, made of organic cotton, and free of chlorine, pesticides, fragrances.

Perfect For Most skin types and for those prone to pH imbalances.

Size 18 count

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