Organic Baby Body Oil - Nourish

Organic Baby Body Oil - Nourish


Nourish is a gentle moisturizer perfect for babies and little ones. It is a silky, soft blend of plant oils, calming lavender and warming chamomile. Our oil is formulated for their gentle bodies and skin. A little bit goes along way and may be used before bedtime, as a moisturizer after bath time or during a wind down massage. The gentlest blend of vitamin-rich oils for your baby's massage or bath. Pure, harm-free, skin-friendly, and nutrition-rich, this gentle blend of seed oils offers your baby nothing but total skin happiness. Use a few drops, warmed in your hands, to give your baby a delightfully soothing massage or put a few drops in your baby's bath. Can be helpful in dealing with cradle cap or other dry patches. Suitable for new borns.

Key Ingredients

calendula flower

is known for its amazing healing powers. It is very effective in healing rashes and dry and chapped skin whilst being ultra gentle.

chamomile flower

calms inflamed skin and has a sweet, fruity fragrance that promotes rest and calming for both mind and body.

sweet almond oil

The oil is rich in Vitamins A, B2 and B6. It is also a good source of Vitamin E, which is essential for a healthy skin. Sweet almond oil also possesses moisturizing and emolliating properties. These keep baby’s skin soft for long hours.

(Vitamin E)

oil contains essential fatty acids as well as being useful in preserving the freshness of oils.

use: massage a generous amount of oil into baby or mother’s skin. pour a small amount of oil into bath water, while water is still running, allow oil to disperse.

Ingredients: infused calendula flower* and chamomile flower* (sweet almond oil*), non gmo vitamin e and lavender oil*

*organic and unrefined

Made in New Orleans by the Natural Mixologist

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