Balance Face Micro-scrub with Clarifying Matcha (1.75oz)

Balance Face Micro-scrub with Clarifying Matcha (1.75oz)


Oily-prone, Blemished.

Soothe blemished skin with our ultra-kind balancing scrub. White kaolin clay and green matcha eliminate dirt and excess oil that cause mild breakouts without irritating sensitive skin. Healing carrot seed oil gradually boosts cell renewal.

Aromatic benefit: grounding, stress-relief

Spoon two teaspoons of our matcha and carrot seed oil powder into cup and mix with 10 drops of water.

INGREDIENTS:  White kaolin clay, oat powder, sea buckthorn extract, powdered matcha, carrot seed, lemon essential oils.

Created in Jersey City, NJ by Bloomsbury Square.

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