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Article: Detoxing Made Simple

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Detoxing Made Simple

By: Rasheedah Billups

We have in us the power to create worlds, so surely we come equipped with everything necessary to function from day to day. However, there’s often a plot twist, just like when there are too many cooks in the kitchen and things go awry. Our exposure to external elements can throw things off, forcing our organs to work harder, compromising our immune systems, and resulting in things like colds, infections, skin issues, or even disease.

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is the removal of all waste and harmful substances from the body. Our bodies have the ability to naturally cleanse itself and eliminate toxins. Through our livers, kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin, our bodies are able to remove impurities. When we burden our bodies with excess toxins and compromise our systems, it makes it difficult for these organs to function properly.

What are my options for detoxing?

The conversation on detoxing usually unfolds with a rundown of what green smoothies, herbal teas, or some variety of pills to opt for, but there’s more!

When you approach a detox you’re encouraged to prepare yourself. For example, one popular cleanse encourages you to eliminate caffeine, sugar, smoking, and alcohol days prior to starting and for the duration of the cleansing schedule. Another popular detox plan recommends similar preparation and other non-dietary practices, such as a daily detox bath. You may be wondering what this means.

This tells us that a thorough detox plan is about more than eliminating the backed up waste hanging out in our bodies. A thorough detox is about balance and creating an environment in which our bodies aren’t boggled down with excess waste and toxins, brought on by what we put on and in our bodies.

Detoxing by way of a natural cleanse is a great idea but in order for the cleanse to work and to maintain the benefits well after the cleanse is complete we should consider what other adjustments should be made. Here are a few things you can incorporate to bolster your body’s natural detox functions.

Detox baths

Detox baths relax the muscles, draw toxins from the body, and can nourish and hydrate the skin depending on the formula used. The Deep Detox Bath Soak by Goodnight Darling made with all natural ingredients offers a blend of pink himalayan salt, dead sea salt, and lavender essential oil.

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Himalayan salt contains 84 trace elements, all of which are also found in and used by the human body. When himalayan salt is dissolved in water, it is easily absorbed into the skin and processed for use by the body.

Reduce exposure to toxic chemicals

Constant exposure to toxic chemicals increases our body burden and creates more work for our organs. Body burden is defined as the total number of toxins stored in the body at any given time. You can reduce your exposure by swapping out your current beauty and grooming products, cleaning products, and other consumer goods for all natural alternatives, like those available in the BLK + GRN marketplace.

Dry brushing

One of the body’s methods for ridding itself of toxins is through shedding skin. Dry brushing removes dead skin cells. According to Ayurvedic medicine, dry brushing also stimulates the lymphatic system and improves circulation. This is important because the lymphatic system participates in removing toxins from the body. To remove dead skin cells, try this Dry Body Brush by BLK + GRN.

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Exercise aids in the body’s detoxing process by stimulating the circulation of blood and lymph, delivering oxygen to the red blood cells, and causing perspiration. Regular exercise helps to ensure all of your body's organs are doing their part to rid the body of toxins.

Intentional eating

Eating a balanced diet will ensure your body has the nutrients and energy needed for your organs to function properly and efficiently remove waste and toxins. This may mean supplementing with vitamins to address specific personal needs.

As you consider your detox options, remember, from our organs, to our inner guidance system, we have everything we need right inside of us. With conscious decision making about the products we choose and the habits we form, we come a step closer to ensuring our bodies are able to maintain its natural balance.

What are some ways you can support your body’s detoxification process?