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Article: Tiffany of Aseede Aromatherapy Skincare


Tiffany of Aseede Aromatherapy Skincare

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), there are a whopping 87 chemicals in America's favorite air freshener Febreze, yet only three of those said chemicals are actually disclosed. Febreze and other air fresheners don't purify, they just mask odors. Inhaling these chemicals, whose entire purpose is to be inhaled, is absolutely dangerous for you, your family, and the environment. Thankfully, here at BLK + GRN, we are committed to finding non-toxic, eco-friendly alternatives for you! This week, we're talking to Tiffany of Aseede Aromatherapy Skincare, who's powerful aromatherapy mists are made to transform the air and energy in your space each time you spray them.

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BLK+GRN: Why do you do what you do? TIFFANY: My name is Tiffany Wilburn and I want to help people breathe more and worry less. I have had a passion for service my entire life and the creation of aseede aromatherapy skincare was a natural extension of my passion. Teaching people how to reduce and manage chronic stress has been an important part of my life for many years through yoga and meditation and I love the rewards it offers.
BLK+GRN: What was your "Aha Moment" and when did your vision start to manifest? TIFFANY: All good things start from a seed of inspiration. The inspiration for aseede came from my desire to find plant-based aromatherapy skincare products made from ingredients I could grow. I knew certain plants held powerful healing potential and I wanted a natural remedy to help manage my stresses. I have always lived mindfully but after the birth of my son, there was a seismic shift in what I needed for my mind, body, and spirit. Having a child can be a hugely transformative and stressful experience. I became more conscious of the fragility of maintaining healthy stress levels, the importance of environmental sustainability, and my desire for clean, all-natural healing resources. African American women, especially single mothers, are twice as likely to suffer from extreme stress as their counterparts which is one reason I am so passionate about helping my community. I founded aseede in 2016 in response. BLK+GRN: How is your brand green? Why was this important to you? TIFFANY: Aseede ingredients are all natural, plant-based and most are unrefined meaning none of the natural healing properties are stripped from the nut butters and oils. It is important to me to preserve traditional healing resources while modernizing where appropriate.
We need our brothers and sisters to buy Black so we can continue to service from an overflowing cup of prosperity and peace.” - TIFFANY WILBURN
BLK+GRN: Why do you think it is important to Buy Black? TIFFANY: It is important to support and help sustain black business because we are a community of creative, strong entrepreneurial-minded people that culturally feed the world. Our music, food, dance and varied creativity inspires new technology, education and more. We need our brothers and sisters to buy Black so we can continue to service from an overflowing cup of prosperity and peace.
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