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Article: Episode 28: Loveleaf - Shani Lincoln


Episode 28: Loveleaf - Shani Lincoln

Shani Lincoln's motivation behind her haircare and skincare business, Loveleaf, stems from her passion for discovering the healing effects of using nature's most beneficial and nourishing ingredients. After spending a lot of time perfecting her formulations for her family and friends and seeing results, she was ready to share her creation.

As she continues to navigate the barriers of maintaining a business, showing up for herself and practicing wellness is reflected in each product she offers and paves the way for others to do the same. Loveleaf has blossomed into the cultivation of botanical-forward products that offer healing and self-acceptance.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

Loveleaf’s products are free of any synthetic man-made materials and use natural ingredients to address different health issues.

Natural ingredients such as arnica help to reduce swelling and discoloration caused by bruising, while Calendula helps heal common skin irritations.

By practicing gratitude, we can strengthen our relationships, improve our health, amplify our positive feelings, celebrate the present, and deal with adversity.

Check Out These Highlights:

What natural herbs people should know more about (4:47)

Information on the calming butter sold on BLK + GRN (11:01)

Shani shares some powerful words for anyone on their self-care journey (20:55)


“Loveleaf really spoke to my love of nature and plants and the fact that all my ingredients are natural plant-based materials”

“My key message is I want folks to understand that they are a priority in their own lives”

“I want everyone to be moisturized all day with my skin and products of course, but I also want to address skin concerns and use herbs that really support healthy hair and healthy skin.”