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Article: Episode 30: Mar Na’s Body Shop - Mar Na Carter


Episode 30: Mar Na’s Body Shop - Mar Na Carter

Mar Na Carter’s is on a mission to demystify skincare with a more holistic approach so that people can experience non-toxic and less complicated skincare. Her journey in creating natural body care products began after witnessing her family members battle with skin issues. With no luck or relief from store bought products, Mar Na took matters into her own hands by researching natural alternatives and, as a result, successfully created a body butter that rejuvenated and cleared up her family member’s skin.

After receiving a high demand for her natural creations from family and friends, Mar Na’s Body Shop was created based on natural health and wellness principles. She speaks on many fascinating topics, such as her challenges with starting her brand and her natural hair journey, and also goes into detail to share how the importance of her “setting the mood” and making time for herself has helped her in her self-care journey.

Quote from interviewee for call out box:

“Once you find out the research of what's in certain name brands in the store, it's kind of scary.”

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • Self-care is vital for building resilience toward those stressors in life that you can't eliminate.
  • Trusting yourself means treating yourself with love and compassion, rather than strive for perfection
  • Hair relaxers alter the curl pattern of the hair by breaking down the structure of the cuticle making it straighter. However, this process can damage the hair, leaving it weak, brittle, and more likely to break.

Check Out These Highlights:

  • Some of the self-care practices that Mar Na does to stay rounded and in balance (8:55)
  • What inspired Mar Na to create more products in addition to body butters (15:05)
  • Some tips to help women find out their hair type (20:03)


    • “I wanted to explore different things that you can be proud to put on your skin, your hair, on your body, and know that I'm not adding certain chemicals to it that can harm your skin.”
    • “You have to trust yourself and trust your judgment and your discernment. Always discern. Your discernment will not steer you wrong.”
    • “I always call it God winks because sometimes you're ready to give up and God will give you a wink to let you know to keep pressing.”