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Article: Episode 34: Vigor Roots - Nathalee DuRose


Episode 34: Vigor Roots - Nathalee DuRose

Nathalee DuRose, Chief Executive Officer of Vigor Roots, aims to help women struggling with hair loss, poor hair growth or scalp issues regain healthy and vibrant hair. Nathalee's journey to redefine hair and scalp care began with her struggles with prolonged scalp irritation and delayed hair growth. After her daughter was born, she knew she wanted to protect her daughter from going through the same problem she experienced with her hair.

Nathalee's commitment to revolutionizing hair care practices is further evident from her observation of the lack of healthy hair products and scalp care information available for her and her daughter's hair type, ultimately leading to the creation of Vigor Roots. She emphasizes the significance of educating people on preventable hair loss and shares her challenges and how she implemented self-care into her life to allow room for growth.


Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • The scalp is like the root of a plant in the sense that they both provide the foundation for growth. Without a healthy scalp, the hair follicles may not receive the necessary nutrients and blood flow needed for healthy hair growth, just as a plant without healthy roots may not receive the necessary nutrients and water to grow properly.
  • Having a simple hair care routine that works for you is more important than following complicated routines that you can't maintain.
  • In educating young women about preventable hair loss and promoting healthier scalp care routines younger generations will be able to prevent scalp damage and have healthier hair growth.

Check Out These Highlights:

  • Nathalee shares preventable measures that you could practice to help make your hair healthy (9:36)
  • Kristian and Nathalee discuss the beauty of self-care, constant change and learning, and the importance of being nimble and adaptable. (13:10)
  • Nathalee talks about the challenges of balancing a full-time job and running her own business and emphasizes the importance of time management and self-discipline. (6:10)


  • "I feel like constant change is growth. So, if it's changing, I'm growing.”
  • “I truly believe if we educate younger women like teenagers coming up from today about preventable hair loss, they will be in a better space than a lot of women my age today.”
  • " I'd like to be the place where customers are able to come just to get into information on what to do for scalp care.”