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Article: Episode 36: Her Poppy - Lauren Gregory


Episode 36: Her Poppy - Lauren Gregory

Lauren Gregory, the founder of Her Poppy, ignites a meaningful conversation and shares her inspiring journey towards prioritizing her health and wellness after her father passed from pancreatic cancer, which had also affected previous generations in her family. Despite her long-standing battle with severe period pain and being prescribed birth control and Ibuprofen for years, she embraced a natural approach, developing a formula that alleviated the pain, bloating, and mood swings during menstrual cycles. Her product has been a resounding success, and it has helped many improve their menstrual cycle experiences.

Lauren encourages a different way of thinking and challenges societal norms and expectations surrounding menstrual health. She encourages women to unpack these outdated beliefs and celebrate the biology that created the unique bodies women live in and breathe out of. Through Her Poppy, Lauren implores women to understand their menstrual cycles, working concertedly with healthcare providers to maximize the benefits and optimize their health. With passion and ambition, Lauren inspires women everywhere to ask questions about their health and take control of their bodies.

Quote from interviewee for callout box:

“As I started to understand my period health, my fertility health, my menstrual cycle health, I noticed a huge gap in access to information.”

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • It’s important for women to listen to their bodies and avoid masking or curing period pain with medication without understanding the root cause.
  • A women's menstrual cycles is a physical representation of their ability to create life and give birth to ideas and visions
  • It may not be easy to make time during your menstrual cycle, but being aware and finding ways to take care of yourself can have positive impacts on your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Check Out These Highlights:

  • Lauren shares what inspired her to create products that were healthier alternatives (5:37)
  • Lauren talks about the normalization of suffering for black women and how it affects their menstrual health (25:28)
  • Lauren goes into detail on the benefits of the menstrual cycle (12:36)


  • “Just like we measure heart rate and breathing for women, our menstrual cycle is kind of like a fifth vital sign, if you will.”
  • “We give birth to humans. We give birth to ideas. We give birth to visions. And I think our fertility, our menstrual cycles are a physical representation of that.”
  • “Let's love ourselves and our bodies. And I mean that in the deepest intentional way possible.”