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Article: Episode 47 - Naked Chemistry - Rachel Zeigler

Episode 47 - Naked Chemistry - Rachel Zeigler

Rachel Zeigler’s journey is a testament to walking in one's purpose, where the resounding echoes of her heart's desires drown out doubt and settling becomes a distant notion. As the visionary founder of Naked Chemistry, Rachel transforms challenges, from navigating microaggressions in the corporate world as a Black woman to pivoting her career as a licensed cosmetologist during the pandemic.

Beyond its initial focus, her vegan skincare brand, born out of a keen concern for ingrown hairs, has blossomed into a testament to Rachel's dedication to quality, sustainability, and multifunctionality. The core message is clear: prioritize quality over quantity, view self-care as non-negotiable, and embrace the transformative power of turning personal challenges into purpose-driven ventures.

Quote from interviewee for callout box: “I realized at the end of the day, you have to make success your own and put your own determination on what is success to you.”

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • In the realm of skepticism and discouragement, let unwavering self-belief in both your personal worth and the potential of your business be the guiding light that propels you forward.
  • It’s important to give yourself grace and recognize that self-compassion is essential for personal well-being and for positively interacting with others.
  • Seeking investments and aligning with platforms that champion and support Black businesses can be crucial for growth in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Check Out These Highlights:

  • Rachel shares her dissatisfaction with the corporate environment, pursuit of beauty school, and skepticism from her traditional Black parents and societal expectations (3:40)
  • Rachel emphasizes the significance of using vegan skincare and talks about the ingredients in her products (19:49)
  • Rachel passionately delves into the art of weaving self-care seamlessly into the fabric of her life. (26:00)


  • “Vegan skin care helps, and you know everything that we put in our body and on our body matters.”
  • “I'm happy that I'm living a life that's authentic to me and I'm living a life that's true to me and I think that that's more important than having what you're supposed to have or having accolades that people want you to have”
  • “Taking care of yourself is in vanity. Beauty is in vanity. Because when you look good, you feel good. When your hair is done, or when your skin looks good you feel good and when you feel good, you project that onto other people.”