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Article: Episode 9: H&B - Gabrielle Lauren


Episode 9: H&B - Gabrielle Lauren

When Gabrielle Lauren started H&B back in January, she was at a very vulnerable place in my life. She was an RN working 12-hour shifts, and it was physically and emotionally draining. After working on a high paced oncology unit, she started to realize that she was not enjoying life anymore. She had lost weight, was experiencing chronic pain, and overall exhaustion. Lauren went on medical leave and started the healing process. She stumbled upon a DIY for candle making, and it piqued her interest. After she made her first candles, she was hooked, she loved the process! So she made a bunch of candles and took them to her family to see if they thought they were any good. They loved them! So right then and there she decided to start her own business, and H&B was born. Gabrielle's priority is to deliver quality natural self-care products! Her goal is to create products that allow people to practice self-care from the comfort of their homes and feel a little more restored after each use.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • H & B represents Honest and Beautiful, which is a true definition of Gabrielle products
  • Being prepared and organized for when the orders do come is extremely important
  • Meditation is not necessarily a spiritual thing but more the training of your mind
  • An entrepreneur and a professional can strengthen each other by relying on each other through the process

Check out these Highlights:

  • The reason why Gabrielle started H&B(2:20)
  • Gabrielle's biggest mistake in business (5:07)
  • The difference in the world of Instagram for a business owner compared to a creative (7:46)
  • Gabrielle's experience with meditation and Christianity (15:55)


  • "I don't go into anything lightheartedly."
  • 'Meditation is "training your mind to be okay with all the stressors in life."
  • "I knew that having a business would be hard, but it's definitely been eye-opening."
  • "We don't know about meditation, so we don't do it."
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