Menstrual Care

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Organic Yoni Steam Herbal Blend
Organic Super Tampons
The Honeypot Organic Super Tampons
Sale price$9
Regular Herbal Pads with Wings
Organic Regular Tampons
The Honeypot Organic Regular Tampons
Sale price$9
Normal Feminine Wipes
The Honeypot Normal Feminine Wipes
Sale price$10
Overnight Herbal Pads with Wings
Super Herbal Pads with Wings
Cramp Relieving Mood Balancing Body Oil
Organic Cotton Cover Herbal Regular Pads with Wings
Organic Cotton Cover Herbal Everyday Pantiliners
Honey Pot Menstrual Cup
The Honeypot Honey Pot Menstrual Cup
Sale price$22
Organic Cotton Cover Herbal Overnight Pads with Wings
Sensitive Feminine Wipes
The Honeypot Sensitive Feminine Wipes
Sale price$10
Organic Cotton Cover Herbal Super Pads with Wings

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