Regular Herbal Pads with Wings

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Make peace with your period™ now that you’ve discovered The Honey Pot. Combining the power of botanicals with super-absorbent technology, these herbal-infused, cooling winged pads create daily menstrual protection that is truly revolutionary. These pads measure 24 cm long with wings and 20 pads come in a pack.

Plant Protection. These “clean cotton” regular-sized pads are free of both chlorine and pesticides. Instead, the Honey Pot highly-absorbent pads are infused with rose, lavender, aloe, and mint essential oils to help reduce odor, help relieve cramping, and protect from annoying leakages.

  • Rose Essential Oil: Rose essential oil contains excellent emollient properties that moisturize dry skin as its astringent and soothing properties help prevent chafing and irritation.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: One of the superpowers of this calming flower is its ability to alleviate nervous tension and other period symptoms, and disinfect the skin while leaving a lovely aroma.
  • Aloe Essential Oil: The natural hormones—auxin and gibberellins—of aloe vera juice provide rejuvenating and calming properties that help reduce skin irritation.

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