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Welcome to BLK + GRN. An all-natural marketplace powered by Black women Artisans 

BLK + GRN: all natural marketplace by all Black artisans


One, to challenge the marketplace to normalize access to non-toxic products targeted to Black women and two, to fund Black women entrepreneurs’ who create non-toxic personal care products.


Products marketed to Black women and are filled with synthetic and toxic chemicals, causing a profound negative impact on their health. Black women spend $7.5 billion annually on beauty products which is 80% more on cosmetics and twice as much on skincare than their white counterparts. We educate consumers about the importance of investing their dollars in healthy, sustainable products created by Black women.


Over 136 Black Artisan brands featured on BLK + GRN are all working together because of one important reason:

Products that are used on people’s bodies and brought into their homes should not contain toxic ingredients that threaten their wellness or health.

Since 2018, BLK + GRN has curated a collection of quality, natural, nontoxic brands for consumers carefully chosen by Black health experts that uphold our ethos share their mission of health, wellness & community cultivation.

While there are varying access levels for health and wellness, BLK + GRN strives to be a resource that provides transparency and empowers Black women to feel confident enough to decipher what they are consuming to make better-informed purchase decisions.

All of our products are high quality non toxic, natural, cruelty-free, and products. With a commitment to helping Black women to make healthier, more conscious choices, BLK + GRN also created a Toxic Twenty List of harmful ingredients that will not be found in any of their products.

Our Story:
“What we plant today will be harvested tomorrow.”

The idea of BLK + GRN came from a similar discomfort many people feel when they reach a point in their lives where they are ready to transition to a healthier lifestyle with high-quality products but are unsure of where to start.

On her wellness journey, founder Dr. Kristian Edwards had similar concerns. After reading Our Black Year by Maggie Anderson, she understood the economic importance of buying Black and the barriers that made buying Black difficult. Determined to create an easier way for conscious consumers to vote with their dollars, she started BLK + GRN to empower our Black Artisans. The latter share their passion for inspiring Black women to make healthier choices, no matter where they are in their wellness journeys.

Buying Black and living green as a non-compromising choice is what connects Dr. Edward's journey to the community of women who also want to craft and consume products consciously. BLK + GRN provides an inclusive experience by normalizing access to non-toxic products targeted at Black women while cultivating a lifestyle that promotes self-love and wellness. As a company that cares for Black women, The Team at BLK+GRN are all women who come together with compassion and collaboration to make change happen.

What Buying Black and Living Green Means

When buying Black, you possess the gift of influence. After purchasing at BLK + GRN, you use it to showcase Black women-owned products and support Black women collectively. When you live green, you possess the power to lead a happier and prioritize healthier life.

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