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Naomi Ritter is an activist, artist, and storyteller who strives to connect people with places and resources that improve their quality of life. A Pittsburgh native, Ritter studied at Duquesne University with a major in Literature and a double major in Political Science and Integrated Marketing Communications. Creative by nature, she specializes in engagement, marketing, and relationship building.
As part of a family of political enthusiasts, Ritter was able to combine her passions for creative writing, the arts, and public service in a career that allows her to build relationships and create strategy every day. 
She has worked as a communications specialist for changemaking organizations working to ensure equity, and she advocates change to our political systems. She believes it is imperative to promote opportunities centered on BIPOC, women, and minority business owners as part of these roles, as her firm, The Finesse Institute, attests. 
In her free time, Ritter enjoys teaching yoga classes, trying new recipes, and writing poetry. 
She is the founder and President of The Finesse Institute: a marketing and advertising firm that focuses on amplifying the voices of minority and women owned businesses. 
Ritter is also the Director of Constituent Affairs for Assembly Member Brian Cunningham of the 43rd District in Brooklyn, NY.