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Raven Parris

Raven Parris is a copywriter who specializes in creating personalized copy for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking to express their value, discover their brand voice, and optimize their messaging for increased conversions.

While earning her B.A. in Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism at Albany State University, her writing career began while working as a publisher and editor for Xiamen Daily in Xiamen, China. While interacting with a large international audience, she discovered the unique ability to take readers to destinations they may never see. She recognizes that excellent copy reads as your customers wrote it because we are all humans interacting within our environments while searching for the story within others that we can relate to.

After seven years of writing engaging content for magazines, newspapers, websites, emails, and blogs, Raven continues to work with small businesses that aspire to make meaningful connections to the communities they serve. As a millennial who values authenticity and spends a lot of time on the internet, she enjoys working behind the scenes to learn about the passion that drives businesses while providing compelling copy that is cohesive across all platforms.