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Simply outstanding!!!

I’ve been using Root22 Serum for over 2 months and noticed this serum had helped with less shedding. It doesn't leave my hair greasy and there was no scalp buildup. Leaves my hair volumized and shiny. I have new hair growth in hairline and crown area. Excellent natural ingredients for hair growth. The roller ball for application is an ingenious idea. Also this serum is great smelling. Root22 Serum doesn't cause any complications or various side effects. I have purchased another bottle. Highly recommended!

Hydrate + Glow Face Oil
Emely Virta (Orlando, US)
Top tier glow

One of my top picks to keep my skin hydrated and glowing!

Iconic Elixir
Emely Virta (Orlando, US)
Glow that won’t quit✨

I have sensitive dry skin. The worst combo. However, after using Iconic Elixir for the last 6 months after cleansing my skin at the end of each day, my skin has never been so quenched and glowing! A must have🙏🏾✨

The honey cleanser is smooth, leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Overall, I can get down with this oil! The packaging is lovely (function and all) and the quality of the oil feels very nice. I love the ingredients very much. I was expecting more of a “tropical” scent in tandem with the notes of Limey Citrus, so I was a bit disappointed on that end. Especially since the wording makes you believe you’re gonna be smelling like the Caribbean. But it smells very strong of almost lemongrass, so I wish there was more of a coconut, maybe even monoi oil (gardenia) scent to balance it.

I purchased the Sade Baron Moi Beauty Balm for my dry lips & I’m loving using it! So glad I discovered this product & this website that hosts black business with some of the cleanest ingredients!

My hair feels so healthy with this product! I love it.

I purchased the lemon and tangerine blend and am quite pleased with the calming aroma! I add a few drops to my diffuser each night to ease my anxiety and stress after a long day! Love, love, love it! Thank you Blk & Green! 🌱

My periods are better using HoneyPot products.

I love this deodorant! I have been using aluminum free deodorant for a couple years now but this one is a BIG improvement! It lasts ALL DAY LONG and then some. I am so happy with this purchase because it is less expensive than the other brand and lasts 3 times longer! I apply it once after my shower and I don't have to worry. I am so happy that I found this.

It came on time and works well, good addition to my shower

This superfood latte blend tastes great in my smoothies! Not sure that I see any immediate benefits, besides knowing that I'm feeding my body good food, but I gladly add a spoonful to each smoothie. Haven't tried it in other drinks/foods yet, but may add it to coffee some day soon!

Product is not too thick, or greasy. It is easy to apply and provides great moisture. The touch of vanilla aroma is mild and quite pleasant- not overwhelming.

The shampoo is super easy to use! I thought I was going to have to go through a whole process because I have locs but I was able to wash my hair quickly without having to repeat the process. My hair was clean and soft.with the first application. I also used a little of the oil in my application just for the extra moisture. Very pleased and I can see myself repurchasing this product in the future.

I love this essential oil roll-on remedy for headaches! It smells great and is easy to apply. I've used it for a couple of minor headaches and it seemed to get rid of the headaches--major win! I bought one for myself (of course) and one as a Christmas gift for a natural products-loving friend who will be traveling overseas soon, so this is a great carry-on item that will help her have a smooth 12 hour flight! Will definitely purchase again.

The orange is so subtle yet uplifting every morning!

This stuff is MAGIC! I've dealt with terrible cramps for years and this worked way better than Advil or Midol ever did. Echoing some of the other reviews, the bag is definitely a bit smaller than I thought it was going to be, but you really don't need much because it's really effective. Cannot recommend this enough!

Great moisturizer melts like an oil. Great product for my sensitive skin.

Smells good and cleans the face, but it leaves the skin without any elasticity, nothing a moisturizer can't fix.

Mini Shea Cream
Melinda B.

It’s a little sticky and the fragrance is not so becoming. But its a nice product

Love this body butter! At first, I was worried because it seemed very hard but once I got a small chunk in my hand and it started reacting to my body heat I was sold. It was creamy and wonderful and my skin just loves it. Both thumbs way up.

I'm just about out of my sample size and I want more. This deodorant has been wonderful for my pits and it doesn't cause a rash. Thank you so much!

Incredibly soothing blend for diffusing!!

I love this stuff! It’s like a moisturizer/leave in/styler all in one. It keeps my hair moisturized, defines it and slicks my hair back for buns like a gel but without the cast. The scent is so refreshing and relaxes me when I apply and style my hair. I’ll definitely be rebuying as I’m almost out. I wish it was sold here on the ground in the states.

This cleanser smells great and seems to minimize the size of my pores too! I have acne prone skin, and this has cleared up a lot of my issues in only about a week. It doesn't leave your skin dry, but it does feel like it's taking away all the impurities. The biggest benefit though has been seeing my pores look smaller in such a short amount of time. Big fan! Will be purchasing other products from this company. :)