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Article: 3 Practical Ways to Stay Grounded 2020

Black women

3 Practical Ways to Stay Grounded 2020

By: Jameka Grant

It seems like the 2020 portal has been off to an abundant start. Every time I scroll through my news feed, I see a sister winning! More and more, the collective is awakening to embody their bodies and use their voices to share truths and talents. We’re advocating for our own glow up. Whether it be more confidence to share sensual selfies and life testaments, following our dreams, or the launch/relaunch of a business, it's clear that this will be the year we TAKE UP SPACE.

Staying connected to oneself and the universe is key to navigating the life you dream of. Taking time for self-care and wellness, and grounding in our aspirations, are practices that’ll benefit our strides. Here are three self-care practices you can relish in that’ll help you feel unbothered and in your power, with your cup filling over.

Weapons will form. When we are grounded in self and connected to the universe, weapons cannot prosper

Develop a faith-based or spiritual practice. New age spirituality finds sacredness in the essence of many elements. By discovering our spiritual tribe, we learn about rituals and prayers performed by our ancestors that protect us, and gift us with vision, strength and the discernment needed to navigate both worldly and spiritual attacks. Days spent nurturing our spiritual body looks different for everyone so however you create space for spiritual wellness is a practice to use to help you stay connected to yourself and the world around you. A sacred bath? Drinking herbal tea and reading a good book? A walk in nature to connect with mother earth? Or sun gazing as you give thanks? What does your sabbatical vibe look like?

Hydrate your soul

Be so busy minding your pH levels that you have no time to mind a hater or compare yourself to someone on social media. Give thanks to water and its power to hydrate, cleanse and fuel us. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we tend to forget that water is essential to life, and our body needs it to function properly. Taking time to drink water when you awake will have you feeling energized and able first thing in the morning. Water will help keep your skin glowing, bowels healthy, and keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Build your tribe

The tribe we keep is everything. Because mediocrity sneaks up on us, it’s important that we form intentional relationships. Stay connected to your chosen family. The ones that make you feel joyous, adventurous and connected to self. Be open to expanding your network to include a financial adviser, therapist, spiritual worker, career mentor, and a nutritionist just to name a few. By spending time with those that feed our joy and encourage wellness, we gift opportunities to expand and flow into our true being. Imagine a tribe that fully supports your drive. A network that’ll inspire and support you in building your net worth.

Ground, align and then hustle is the new flow.

Wishing you the support needed to help you embody you.