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Article: Aycee of Goodnight Darling Co.


Aycee of Goodnight Darling Co.

Amongst women in the Black community, the Superwoman Complex is real. Many women, especially entrepreneurs, have been taught to "do-it-all", while foregoing sleep and neglecting self-care. Aycee Brown of Goodnight Darling Co has set out to change this by opening up the dialogue surrounding the correlation between a good night's rest and extending the longevity and quality of our lives.

BLKGRN: Why do you do what you do? AYCEE: I’m Aycee Brown Chief Sleep Officer for Goodnight Darling Co. a beauty, wellness, and herbal apothecary lifestyle brand dedicated to teaching people how to sleep well and practice better self-care. I have suffered from insomnia since the age of 15 and it's my passion to bring awareness to sleep-related issues that women have and never talk about.
BLKGRN: What was your "Aha Moment" and when did your vision start to manifest? AYCEE: My aha moment happened about 10 years ago when I had to wean myself off of sleep medications. I learned how to create my own herbal remedies and learned how fragrance affects the mind. It wasn’t until 2015 that I started having sleep issues again and I thought to myself if there was a company that was dedicated to sleep in the beauty and wellness space. There wasn’t. So at 3 am in the morning I purchased the domain name and launched 3 months later. BLKGRN: What need do you currently see being unmet that you address? AYCEE: Sleep health, period. Women led the pack in sleep deficiency and we also live in a society that encourages us to overwork ourselves in hope to rest in the future. Well, if you aren’t getting the proper rest now you might not have a healthy future period. So my mission is to teach people how important sleep and self-care are important to the overall longevity of their lives.
BLKGRN: Why do you think it is important to Buy Black? AYCEE: I believe it's important to buy black because we have been creating and making for years and our products are just amazing. We deserve the spotlight just as much as our other counterparts. Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 8.18.41 AM BLKGRN: What’s your self-care routine? AYCEE: My short version self-care routine consists of taking a bath about an hour before bed, putting on night treatments that I’ve been testing for my brand, then grabbing a good book and reading until I fall asleep. BLKGRN: What's on your vanity and what’s in your purse? AYCEE: Lord, my vanity looks like a counter at Nordstroms. I have every face oil and serum you can think of, body lotions, and oils, treatments, you name it. In my purse, I carry a black lavender room spray mini, and lip balm and a comb. BLKGRN: Anything else coming soon? AYCEE: Yes, tons of products. We are expanding our bath line and introduction skin care to the mix but in a very different way. And a secret project that I can’t talk about but it's going to be amazing.