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Article: Ten Tips on How to Recharge when You are Feeling Stressed


Ten Tips on How to Recharge when You are Feeling Stressed

by Quindara Lazenbury

The words self-care and self-love are popping up constantly on social media feeds and it may seem like a bit of a marketing ploy for wellness brands and companies. Although this may be true for some, self-care and self-love are age-old testaments that have been proven to heal the body and prevent chronic illnesses, majorly caused by stress. Self-care enables an individual to treat oneself with the intention of positivity, love, and compassion to attract amazing experiences, people and opportunities. Self-love creates an avenue for us to pass through the world in more meaningful ways. Women are expected to maintain several identities; mother, friend, wife, daughter, co-worker, mentor--the list goes on. But when do we find time to reset our bodies so that we can perform at our full potential? The need to recharge is essential and will help optimize your movement in the world. To recharge the human body is comparable to recharging an electronic device. First, you must determine what is your “plug” or outlet for expression, relaxation and mindfulness. Do this by truly listening to your body.

The need to recharge is essential and will help optimize your movement in the world. - Click to Tweet

What does it need to keep ticking? Second, make an intention to be consistent and purposeful in attuning to your plug and be diligent about connecting to yourself each day, week, or month. Finally, continue to bask in the plug and find your connection to what relaxes, refreshes, and rejuvenates the body to improve your spiritual, physical, mental and psychological health. Here are several ways to recharge and encourage harmony and peace in your body.


Take the time to halt the pace of your everyday life and reflect inward. A moment of silence and pause will allow you to truly listen to your spirit and what your body is telling you. Are you tired? Feeling irritable? Need space from your family and friends? Find your quiet space and block the noise from disrupting your moment. Try using noise-canceling headphones, step out into nature, lock yourself in your bedroom or closet door -- there are several options to complete pause the craziness of life’s dealings and to stop -- and literally smell the roses. Consider making a cup of Fade To Black Herbal Tea cocktail after pausing and to help the body relax and wind down.


Earthing, or grounding, is the practice of connecting to the Earth electrically and provides many health benefits including; improved immune functioning, digestion, sleep, and blood circulation. Also, relief from stress, anxiety, inflammation and helps to restore the body’s natural rhythms. grounding> The process of grounding is inexpensive and simple. Just place your bare feet into any earthly presence (ocean, lake, river, grass, dirt, etc.) and let your body absorb the electric charges filter through and around your body. Make sure to apply sunscreen if in warmer climates. The Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30 is a great addition for melanated women who want a “weightless, ultra-sheer, fragrance-free, melanin reinforcing SPF 30 sunscreen moisturizer that empowers the everyday women to have fun under the sun.” Ditch the shoes and literally allow your body to recharge!


Many overlook the power of water and its healing qualities. Immersing oneself in water or even drinking water and eating foods high in water content will put all the body to flush toxins, built up energies and wastes that should be released daily.

A great way to recharge is to drop the Hibiscus Aloe & Bath Bomb in bathwater and allow the soothing effects of aloe, hibiscus and geranium soothe the soul. Or try sprinkling a few petals of the Deep Detox Bath Soak in warm water to fully release any muscle tension or tight joints.

Make sure to apply a few drops of The Trio Floral-Infused Body Oil after to moisturize and decompress with the lovely scents of lilac, lavender, rose or grapefruit.


Aroma Therapy may be familiar for some, especially when getting a massage or using vapor rub when suffering from a cold. However, aromatherapy has many beneficial healing effects that can help to relieve stress, anxiety, and further reduce inflammation. According to registered dietitian from Living Healthy Org, Denine Rogers, lavender helps increase concentration, improves sleep quality, and even can be used as an insecticide. Add a few drops of our Lavender and Tea Tree essential oil to a diffuser to improve air quality in your home and create an environment of relaxation, peace, and comfort.


The power of meditation and prayer is profound. Regardless of your beliefs, finding space to breathe deeply and fully enables the intention to clear your thoughts, fears, etc. Intention is an important ingredient in any practice of meditation or prayer. Decide what your intention is in spending the time to breathe, relax and clear your mind. Do you need to make a major decision? Are you afraid of expressing your true feelings to a loved one? Are you doubting your abilities in an area of your life? Take the time to find the answers to life’s tricky questions by finding the space and time to meditate, pray or find solace in quieting your thoughts.


The release of energy whether; pain, worry, fear, trauma, or doubt is vital to pursue in order to remove any baggage that weighs on your body and will only continue to drain. The practice of forgiveness is the most beneficial act that one can do because it releases a strong and tense reserve of energy (resentment) that will increase a feeling of lightness, happiness and the ability to move forward to evolve and grow.


Recharging is not only an act of self-care but also a way to give back to those around you and bring joy to others in meaningful ways. Pay it forward by doing something kind (whether a small gesture or large.) Give a family member a card. Send a letter via snail mail to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Donate to that cause that you care about. Visit an elderly person and spend time “talking about the old days.” These small gestures will bring joy to those around you and bring a smile to your heart to know that you helped make someone’s life a little brighter.


Travel is not only a pleasure but for some a necessity. Get out of your comfort zone, even if you are not able to travel to a faraway destination, visit a part of town you have never explored. Go to your neighboring city. Try a new restaurant or visit a thrift store. If you cannot afford to leave your town, pick up a new vegetable from the farmer’s market or find a recipe from a different culture and try to whip it up in the kitchen. Go to the library and check out a few books of places you would love to experience. There are many ways to “travel” outside your comfort zone without breaking the bank. Getting to know something different and new will rejuvenate your body in many lasting ways.


The people you surround yourself with are vital to either restoring or draining our energy reserves. Be mindful of who spend most of your time with. Truly reflect and determine how do you feel after spending time with certain people or environments. Do you feel tired or refreshed? Do you feel joyful, inspired or criticized and rejected? Make a note of those that find value in your presence and vice versa. A mutable and fully supportive tribe will keep your reserves charged.


Feeling connected to life and living things is simple and easy with the addition of a plant (or several.) These days the cat-lady has transformed into the plant-mama. Women everywhere are getting back into gardening or indoor plants. Pick up small houseplant varieties like; aloe, snake, spider, or peace lilies that will help any plant novice bring life and color to their home. Check out many fabulous black women gardeners on the Instagram account, @blackgirlswithgardens for inspiration.