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Article: Healing Through Acupuncture


Healing Through Acupuncture

As BLK + GRN Founder Dr. Kristian continues her healing and wellness journey following her car accident, she has incorporated the alternative healing practice of acupuncture into her wellness routine. See what her Acupuncturist had to say about this holistic approach below.

Acupuncture treatment works not only at the physical level but at the mental and emotional level. Acupuncture is important because it allows the patient to deal with symptoms that they are experiencing naturally. That is why it is often referred to as whole body medicine, because the healing occurs on all levels - body, mind and spirit. And by spirit, I mean emotions.

Acupuncture works on many symptoms. In the United States, many people initially come to acupuncture because they are experiencing a physical pain such as back, neck, shoulder and/or knee pain. However, during the assessment or later in treatment, they learn that acupuncture can also help manage other symptoms such as sinus issues, acid reflux and GERD, migraines/headaches, menstrual cramps and much more. Various symptoms that we deal with on a regular basis, we tend to ignore until the big discomfort lessens.

Sometimes patients learn of other benefits because they ask what else acupuncture can treat or they notice they are experiencing these symptoms less. For example, many couples seek acupuncture for fertility issues. But because most people don't understand the benefit of acupuncture, or know that acupuncture is even an option, they typically seek over the counter medication or go to the doctor and receive a prescription. I'm not saying that this type of intervention is not helpful, but it is very short term. Acupuncture can give you long-term relief. Additionally, acupuncture empowers the patient to take control of their entire well-being and health.

As they begin to feel better, patients are able to manage their health better by reducing the amount of medication they are taking and starting healthy lifestyle habits. As one who believes in an integrative approach to medicine, I encourage people to speak with their physician to reduce medications that they have been prescribed. It is important to work with their Western healthcare provider. Never stop taking prescribed medication without seeking the support of your physician.

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