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Article: Juicing for Vibrancy and Longevity


Juicing for Vibrancy and Longevity

By: Jameka Grant

2020 is here! We're ready, vibrant and excited to reap all the glow our souls are in store for. But if we're not healthy, how are we to enjoy the fruits of our labor? If you're like many, your diet and lifestyle will be on your list of New Year's resolutions. Not only do we tend to munch out on carbs and sugars during the holidays and winter season, but as a whole we tend to eat more food like substances than real foods altogether. But sis, this ain't your fault. If you live in the Western Hemisphere you're victim to the foods of the matrix also known as the Standard American Diet.

On every street corner there are fast food restaurants producing foods that don't bring any wellness to your body, mind or soul. So let's move away from dieting and look forward to adding wholesome foods into our diet. Examples include the elements of the family tree - vegetable, fruits, H2O, grains, legumes, micronutrients, herbs and grass-fed meats. Since we live in a go, go, go world, let's incorporate fresh juices into our diet as a starting point toward optimal health and wellness. We can take our power back!

Juicing is a way to fuel your body with vital nutrients and minerals so the natural process of detoxification, healing and transformation can occur. It is a way for us to incorporate real foods back into our diets as we travel far in this fast-paced world. Furthermore, juicing helps to repair the gut, oxygenate the cells, and improve brain function. So why not include juicing to aide in wellness in our wombs so this food can heal the home where vision, intuition and purpose reign.

How does one get into juicing? It's simple. We live in the age of technology, which has its benefits. With a curious google search on holistic nutrition, you'll be overjoyed to see the amount of documentaries and testimonials on that exist. There are also many freshly juiced recipes you can find on Pinterest that taste amazing! For juicing, you can add fresh juice with added micronutrients such as spirulina, maca, chlorophyll, and chlorella to your morning breakfast routine. It'll keep you feeling full and filled with energy throughout the day as you make your way to secure the bag. Tending to take your dose of self-love in a cup in the morning or have it be you choose to reside in solitude to conduct a 7-21 day juice fast will be moments taken that will add bliss and strength to your being.

A long duration of a fast may sound like a stretch I know, but when you think about how essential health is and how sensitive, powerful and sacred our temples are, you'll see that juicing to eliminate all the junk in your body will enlighten you spiritually, physically and mentally...and financially. This is because the body is actually receiving the food it needs for optimum wellness for a consistent period of time. To show its appreciation to you for conducting a juice cleanse, you will experience restful sleep, elevated mood, increased energy, and heightened creativity. Don’t believe me, check out the documentary on Netflix called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” you'll be inspired to love up on yourself a bit more.

To get you glowing in the right direction, here are a couple of my favorite juiced drinks you can make for you and your loved ones. Happy Healing, with a cup of self-love.

Juice Recipe:
½ Cups of Pineapple

1 Peeled Kiwi

1 Cup of Almond Milk

1 Cup of Ice

1 Tsp of Ashwagandha

To Rehydrate:

2 Cups of Spinach

2 Cups of Watermelon

1 Cup of Pineapple

1 Lime

1 Tsp of Chlorophyll

Flu Symptoms:

2 Apples

4 Beets

3 Carrots

Piece of Ginger

1 Tbsp of Elderberry syrup

1 Tsp of Tumeric

One teaspoon of oregano oil on the side

To Energize:

1 Cup of Spinach

½ Cups of Pineapple

1 Peeled Kiwi

1 Cup of Almond Milk

1 Cup of Ice

1 Tsp of Ashwagandha

What are your favorite juice recipes? Tell us in the comments below.