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Article: Raquel of Matrescence Skin

Black and Green

Raquel of Matrescence Skin

This week, we’re talking to Raquel Roxanne Nowack of Matrescence Skin who's on a mission to make sure that women, particularly mothers, don't neglect and/or leave themselves behind. After the tough loss of a loved one, she learned an important lesson about self-mothering which in turn, provided the foundation for her company's mission, to encourage mothers to see self-care as a necessity rather than a luxury. Learn more about her mission and brand, below!
BLK + GRN: Introduce yourself & why you do what you do. RAQUEL: Hi! I'm Raquel, a mom of two, certified holistic nutritionist and prenatal wellness expert who is passionate about supporting women on their journey through motherhood. BLK + GRN: Describe the inception of your brand. When did your vision start to manifest? RAQUEL: I lost my mother shortly after the birth of my second child and such a difficult period came with a tough but life-changing lesson. I learned the importance of mothering myself and it has been the most important lesson on my journey through motherhood and the foundation of the brand. Matrescence by definition refers to the process of becoming a mother. The name really highlights our mission to look at the changes that occur during motherhood from a holistic perspective. Our brand and our products are designed to address not just a physical and external need but also an internal and emotional one where we encourage mothers to nurture themselves and make self-care a necessity.

BLK + GRN: How is your brand green? Why was this important to you? RAQUEL: We use organic and wildcrafted plant ingredients and support fair trade agricultural practices. We are committed to keeping Mama Earth happy and healthy by using recyclable glass bottles, no paper labels and minimal, eco-friendly packaging. BLK + GRN: Why do you think it is important to buy Black? RAQUEL: It’s important to put your support and money in brands that align with your own values. Buying Black helps make our stories and experiences more visible and gives us the permission and opportunities we need to build on those stories.

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