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Article: Smoke and Steam: Two Powerful Ways to Energetically Cleanse Your Home


Smoke and Steam: Two Powerful Ways to Energetically Cleanse Your Home

By: D’Ana Joi of

Flowers are in full bloom and the refreshing vibe of spring is here. You know what that means, sis? It’s time for spring cleaning. We hope that you’ll use BLK + GRN’s natural home cleaning products to get your floors, counter tops, and laundry refreshed, but there’s an element of home cleansing that you might be forgetting.

You know that feeling left in the air when you come home feeling drained after a long day? Or those bad vibes your ex left in your space? That’s where energetic cleansing comes in. Think of it like this: You don’t let dust pile up in a corner for long before you grab your broom, so why let energetic dust build up in your home when you can clear it out? Exactly.

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You deserve to dwell in a high-vibe space. That stale, negative energy isn’t worthy of your presence! Energetically cleansing your home leaves your space feeling lighter, calm, and more balanced. While no amount of scrubbing, dusting, or mopping can cleanse the energy in your home, there are two easy methods we love that you can try today: Smoke and Steam.

Sage Smudge Home Cleansing

The first method is to use smoke from the sacred white sage plant. Also called “smudging,” this ceremonial method of cleansing that has been practiced for centuries. To smudge your home you’ll need a bundle of white sage that has been bound together with string or hemp rope.

Here’s how to use it for clearing the energy in your space:

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Note: Before beginning your sage home cleanse, we suggest opening your windows and/or running a fan on low to increase ventilation.

1.Light your sage smudge, allowing it to catch fire, then gently blow it out.

2. Using a fire safe dish to catch ashes, allow the thick smoke will begin to waft into the room.

3. Gently guide the cleansing smoke around the rooms of your home by walking around with your sage smudge, remembering to address the corners in each room (static energy often hangs out there).

4. As you cleanse your space, you can say affirmations out loud such as:

“I release the energy that no longer serves me.”


“My home is cleansed and my energy is balanced.”

5. When your cleansing ceremony is complete, place the burning end of the sage smudge in a bowl of brown rice to extinguish it.

6. Bask in the uplifting, clear energy of your home. Try our artisan crafted white sage smudging wand.

Try our artisan crafted white sage smudging wand:

Cleansing your home with sage is a powerful and sacred practice. However, as much as we love a good smudge session, it’s not for everyone. You may find that you’re sensitive to the scent, or amount of smoke that sage releases. If you’re looking for a more subtle way to cleanse your space, our next method may be a better fit.

Essential Oil Steam Cleansing

Essential oils can balance, refresh, and uplift our energy. When paired with a diffuser, your oils release a cleansing steam throughout your home. Our go-to's for steam cleansing are our BLK + GRN 100% pure essential oils blends.

Follow these steps to enjoy a purified home:

1. Choose a holistic oil blend without unnecessary additives or carriers.

*Bright scents such as citrus, rosemary, tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus and mint work best.

2. Place filtered water in the base of your diffuser, followed by 3-5 drops of oil.

3. Allow your diffuser to release cleansing steam into your space for at least one hour.

4. Carefully unplug your diffuser, place it in the next room that you’d like to cleanse, and repeat the process.

Note: There is no need to add additional oil until all the water has evaporated from your diffuser.

5. Breathe in the aroma of purified air in your home.

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The beautiful thing about using the steam cleansing method is that you can physically clean your space, while the oils do their thing. It’s a perfect time to dust, sweep, and Marie Kondo all the things. Once complete, you’ll feel uplifted and energetically refreshed, mentally and physically.

Whether you choose to smudge your home with sage, diffuse a blend of essential oils, or experiment with both, your home will thank you. As you take time to clear your home of negative energy, you’ll be making space in your life for more of what supports you in living your most fulfilled life.

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Don’t let spring be the only time you boost the vibe in your space! Consider having an energy clearing session before and after you host a gathering in your home or whenever you need an energetic re-boot.

Which home cleansing method will you add to your spring cleaning this season, smoke or steam, or both? Leave a comment and let us know!

Wishing you good vibes during this season and beyond.