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Article: Smudging Your Home


Smudging Your Home

Smudging your home. Smudging Affirmations.

Air. The Element of Wind, with the powers to cleanse, transcend, and restore energies.

Air like breathwork, to save lives and aid in healing our emotional bodies.

Air like an herb to cleanse our minds and inspire our vision.

Air like Sage to resort our auras and energies within our homes.

No one is an enemy to the element air.

In its essence, abundance flows.


Sistren, I hope you’ve been well and your spirits lifted. These are trying times so I pray you've been able to stay close to your heart, spirit, and guides. Since we’re all adjusting to life in quarantine/self-isolation, I thought to give you care practices for home wellness and air hygiene.

For some, your state may be opening back up but for others, it’ll be a couple more weeks, so let's cater to our humble abode with our good friends sage, panto, lavender, and sweetgrass. They’re all here to help purify our spaces.



Smudging has been used throughout indigenous cultures ritualistically. It's a practice used to perform the act of protecting, purifying, and cleansing. Through graceful waves and chants of prayer or affirmations, this practice and the scents they bring inspire mediums to transcend so you are left feeling, cleansed, elevated, and resorted. Modern Spiritual Women use Sages for the same care practices and can be used whenever you feel called to clear your space.

Here are a few tips and Smudging Affirmation to partake in to bring wellness and harmony back into your home:


Source Wisely

Sage is a sacred practice, be mindful of your supplier by purchasing your herbs with businesses that reflect wellness. When you receive your bundle embraces its scents, textures, and form. Bless Her.

Prepare Your Space

After you’ve done a bit of decluttering and cleaning intend to ignite the flame with a match or candle. Before you do so make sure all windows are closed in your home. While you set your intentions and pray, or chant affirmations for your space to be cleansed you'll want to speak to the energies that have been with you. We give thanks, then open our windows to allow the energies to be cleansed and purified. That way abundance has room to grow.


I'm grateful to come by “Good Juju” Najah Lightfoot at the bookstore, so I'd like to share a smudging affirmation that has been helping to bring harmonic energies into my humble abode. Ready for some flow?

Take a moment to ground and center.

Light your smudge material.

Say this smudging prayer:

I give thanks for .

I give thanks for the healing, calming, cleansing energy it brings to my life and to my days and nights.

As above, so below; this healing energy is with me wherever I go.

With the power of this smoke, blessed energy do I invoke.

By the power of three times three, sacred, loving energy is always with me.

I hope joy comforts you, sis. May breathwork and spiritual care ground us in our resilience as we embark on the new world this pandemic will birth. One where we embrace slow living.