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Article: The Sisterhood Wound


The Sisterhood Wound

By: Jameka Grant

In our spiritual bodies, the figure of a mother is one who nurtures us, loves us, listens to us, supports us and works hard to encode in us self-esteem so high that we believe in our dreams. Though, as human daughters having human mothers, our experiences can sometimes look like this - one where past situations and scenarios linger, often undiscussed and avoided conversations about competition, fear, abandonment, trauma and criticism that have us in a trance wondering is this love?

Many times when there are unresolved issues with our mothers, it makes it difficult for us to trust the feminine and impacts how we navigate relationships with other women. Unresolved issues with the feminine can lead to trust issues and lack of self-esteem, and for many of us, it can leave us feeling like there's just too much emotional baggage to carry. This exposed wound is something we all feel when striving to build sisterhood, because one thing we know the hood taught us trust no one.

The power in sisterhood is taught to us by our ancestors. There was a time when women were community-focused and helped each other raise children, cook and braid hair. They’d gather in circles and share truths about life, sacred wisdom and experiences. They delighted in conversations for the sake of collaboration and growth. Conversations, bonds and experiences that strengthened the connection with ourselves and the world. Healthy sisterhood is a sacred union, the magic in its code inspires us to further our growth, open our heart to heal from past and present day traumas, take new heights in regards to self-care and career, and even gift us with the wisdom that’ll help us navigate down paths closest to our soul’s desires.

I heard a saying, "the Goddess is the only way." The key in this life is for you to manifest your dreams with the love, support, and guidance of sisterhood - a community of women you are inspired by, one that supports you and holds space for the sharing of truths and vulnerabilities, and aides in your transformation. Healing, striving, and thriving is only successful with the support of community allies. Through solitude there is a stillness that speaks, it's true. A tribe will give you insight and help you navigate your truth. With sisterhood you gain the blueprint for how to adult this with ease.

Here are some ways we can clear the blocks and make way for manifesting a tribe called bliss.

Girl, accountability is due. Own your experiences - where and how trauma in relationships with women have impacted you and had you in your feelings. It's true some girls are wicked, but if you were one to be toxic in a situation you should sit with that. Take the time to figure out where your pain stems from that makes you project some of your fears, insecurities and resentments onto other women. There's been a time where we were either a victim or manipulator in some petty situation with a sister. We literally have to be honest with ourselves about when we were the poison, gain the support we need to unlearn some of our shadow traits, and hold ourselves accountable for reserving time out for conversations where healing is needed. This way we can enter friendships firm in our boundaries and abilities to accept people for who they are and the love they give.

Know that you are deserving of sisterhood. The friendship that speaks your love language is out there for you. Know that you are not hard to love and your drive for success and adventure within a tribe will manifest. As more women are waking up to the feminine shift and knowing that sisterhood is medicine, the collective is moving in a direction where there's the cultivation of safe spaces for the building of more community over competition.

Getting out there with the intention to build relationships that aide in your growth process and joy is fundamental and the blueprint for success. A mission that is possible when you choose to be your best friend first. Really take the time to explore your glow so you'll know the entourage you need to help you grow and flourish. So as you choose to stay loyal to your healing journey, love language, success and self-care, you will meet people who are aligned with you and you will build bonds that strengthen you.

All in all never choose to stay small, isolate or stay numb. We thrive off connection, vulnerability and physical contact. Likes on Instagram are synthetic highs. As an alternative, gift yourself with something real by getting out there and putting in time to form friendships, meet mentors, business partners and healers that can provide you with the support and opportunities to manifest your dreams.

How did you make friends as an adult? How did you find your tribe? Tell us in the comments below.