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Article: The Meaning Behind BLK + GRN

The Meaning Behind BLK + GRN

This posed two challenges: one being safe, plant-based alternatives not being easily accessible to Black women and the other being that the current options available aren’t inclusive and don’t serve to build the Black community.

To solve these two issues, not only did we want to create a platform that made truly natural, plant-based personal care products easy to find and purchase, we also made it so that women can feel represented in the essentials they buy while also supporting the Black community.

What Does BLK + GRN Stand For?

BLK + GRN stands for Black and Green. On our platform, we feature all-natural personal care products curated by all Black artisans. On occasion, our brand name is mistaken to mean Black and Grown - and though it may not mean that directly, we understand it’s meaning holds a place in the heart of those seeking to live healthier lifestyles.

When we’re young, it’s easy to not think about the bigger picture. Our parents purchased with their budgets in mind as they juggled multiple responsibilities. But as we grow older, we become more aware of how our purchases impact not only our bodies but our communities as a whole. For many, gaining maturity and establishing self-love - becoming grown - has allowed them to make safer, healthier choices and to think more deeply about how they vote with their dollar.

It’s YOUR Journey

As a brand, living a healthier lifestyle while supporting Black artisans is the core of our mission and values. We work hard to bring our holistic lifestyle lovers up-to-date information on the dangers of toxic chemicals lurking within products that are marketed as “plant-based” or “eco-friendly” to ensure that they know what to look out for when working to live clean and green. This is one of the reasons why we have every product tested by Black health experts. Never including any toxins from our Toxic Twenty list, you can be confident that every natural essential is 100% true to its green formula.

No matter how you choose to support Black artisans or what lifestyle changes you make along the way, always remember that it is and always will be YOUR journey. However you define what BLK + GRN means to you, have that meaning fill you with peace, love, and good health.

Whether you’re just starting out on your Buy Black, Live Green journey or you’re a holistic lifestyle master looking to support the Black community, feel free to check out our Best Sellers for all-natural, Black-owned essentials we know you’ll love!