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Article: Traditional Pedi with a Twist


Traditional Pedi with a Twist

Is it just us or are your toes frightened of going to the nail salon these days? You simply don't know what products are being rubbed and soaked into your biggest organ, the skin! Check out our feet saving tips and things to avoid when heading to the nail salon.

Why is important to be mindful of the products used on my skin? Our skin is responsible for protection, regulation and sensation. It's our first line of defense and allows our bodies to maintain homeostasis and ward off harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Introducing contaminants to 'our first line of defense' compromises it, increasing our exposure to illness.

Is it okay to cut my cuticles? When you cut your cuticles you are providing an entrance for bacteria and viruses to enter the body. Also, you are prone to hang nails. There are great natural cuticle removers like warm whole milk along with a nail stick to push back the cuticle or you can simply use cuticle cream. The next time you go to your nail salon, speak up and tell them not to cut your cuticles.

credit: @ibizanails ig

How should I advocate for myself in the nail salon? Do not be afraid to decline certain services or "perks". It may not save you money, but it will save you from future issues. For example, opt for no jets, take your own polish and/or bring your own tools.

Speaking of tools… Say no to the cheese graters and potato peeler tools that are still being used at nail salons. We would love to think all salons do proper sanitation practices, but sadly this is not our reality. These tools are great for passing along unwanted surprises. Plus, they do more harm than good to removing your unwanted calluses and dead skin.

Why are the 'cheese graters' and 'potato peelers' bad? When we drastically and instantly remove layers and layers of skin, it sends a red flag to our first line of defense (our skin, which is an organ). The skin on our feet is different from any other skin on our bodies; it will grow back quick and thicker to "protect" us, which sounds a little counterproductive.

A gentle and simple exfoliant is all your feet needs with proper moisturization. Your feet did not get in their condition overnight, so be kind to your feet and expect them to heal in time.

Can I take my own tools? There has been an increase in Organic, Natural nail salons that use eco-friendly processes and non-toxic products. However, for the ones that have not caught on and are still using treatments harboring villain ingredients don't be afraid to take your own spa-friendly products (foot soaks, foot scrubs, foot creams and cuticle oil.) This way you know exactly what they are putting on your feet and lower legs. Bright blue tablets and fluorescent orange scrubs should be a concern.

credit: @nufeetmedispa ig

What are “spa-friendly” products”? This is simple. It means items that are free from flowers and herbs. This means they will drain or rinse away without clogging the drain. Nail salons hate products that clog their drains. Click here from some of our favorite spa-friendly pedi product.

Be proactive! If you don't want to risk infection, simply opt for a waterless pedicure. These type of nail salons are becoming more and more popular. Waterless pedicures cut down on water usage, help your nail polish last longer and when paired with other proper practices reduce the chance of infection. A misconception is if you don’t soak your feet they are
not clean. A proper cleansing spray is key to sanitizing your feet. Plus, the use of hot steamed towels add another element of cleansing for your feet.

These tips and tricks will keep you smiling and help you to maintain healthy and happy feet. We love to give you alternative ways to care for your feet. Be sure to take an active roll in your foot care!

Let us know how you have incorporated your organic lifestyle into your mani/pedi spa day by commenting on our social media everywhere @BLKandGRN!

Guest contributor: Chris Cabrera of Naturally London.