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Article: Using Energy To Manifest Your Dreams

Black women

Using Energy To Manifest Your Dreams

By: Jameka Grant

Let’s start out by clarifying what Sexual Energy is. Sexual Energy is life force energy. Through the channeling of this vibration, we literally CREATE life so why not use that same energetic vibration to CREATE opportunities to manifest our dreams. Sexual Energy is a vessel for BIRTH and CREATION - let's dive into nurturing and amplify this energy so we can manifest anything we want.

HEAL - In order to use sexual energy to manifest, we must look within to see what emotional blockages are in the way of our healing and the manifestation of our dreams. If deep within lies negative beliefs surrounding women, sex, sensual energy, power and freedom, our ability to manifest from our sacral chakras will be blocked. Other factors that attribute to emotional blockages are thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Feelings such as self-doubt, unworthiness, lack of self-love, safety and belonging can all contribute to feelings of low self-esteem, a characteristic that goes against the flow of empowered feminine energy.

As we come out of the realm of patriarchy and enter the realm of matriarchy, we are becoming more educated and empowered by female energy. Study Goddesses like Cleopatra and Oshun who are prime examples that used the art of seduction to restore nations to love in the right direction. Not to be confused with the spirit of Jezebel.

GET CLEAR - Get crystal clear on what you want to manifest. If you're not clear on what you want manifested, you cannot manifest. So if you’re stuck trying to figure out what you want, try spending time with yourself to discover your core feelings and wants. When we understand what we need in order to be well and thrive, we begin to align ourselves with people and things that bring us elevated joy. Spend many moments writing out what you DON’T want, then drop into your heart and write out desires, feelings, opportunities and events you DO want to attract and manifest in your life. Once you have a clear vision, you gain an unshaken belief system in the ability to manifest and trust the universe to do the rest. CLARITY = POWER. Write it down. Meditate on it. Visualize it. Stay committed. Remain open.

IDENTITY BUILDING - How we feel about ourselves can be felt by people we come cross everyday. When we come off as confident, bold, and empowered, we not only teach people how to respect us but we also convince people into believing we're not only worthy to be praised, but also have something to bring to the table. Our traumas often birth versions of ourselves, a being with low self-esteem. Focus on restoring a healthy relationship with yourself by incorporating routines that focus on wellness and building self-esteem. Through mantra work, clean eating, and meditation, we can retrain our subconscious minds to perceive our beings as ones that are strong, beautiful and resilient. This is probably the most important factor when manifesting through sexual/sensual energy. Come to terms with being THAT Queen and understand that you benefit off of loving yourself loudly - your energy is your currency! So activate high frequency emotions to manifest a high vibrational life.

BE PRESENT - Start living your life as your future self in this present moment. This will help elevate how you feel about yourself and your ability to manifest. This isn't about faking it until you make it. By staying present and embodied in your future you, you give yourself permission to be THAT Queen you’ve always been but perfection made you chicken out on believing this as truth. Trust that you have something to bring to the table. Trust that whatever it is you have to offer - your voice, knowledge, wisdom, creativity, vision, energy - is needed. If you can visualize your higher self, start showing up as her. Stay committed to radiating your soul and showing up for yourself, this is how you own your glow.

ADORNMENT - Get gassy. Feel yourself. Elevate yourself. Take some time to buy that little black dress, get a new hairdo, have a DIY spa date, or jump on YouTube to master those makeup tutorials. Do whatever it is you need do to make yourself feel confident and sexy. We manifest best when we feel good about how we look on a physical level and how we feel on a soul level. You'll become more motivated to show up for yourself when you’ve fallen in love with your entire being, so developing a relationship with your emotional, physical, and sexual being is key to manifesting with ease.

TRUST AND SURRENDER - Now that you’ve worked to radiate your soul and your magic, trust and surrender to the process of the manifestation unfolding. Be open to how it appears in your life. The universe works in mysterious ways, but when you’ve done the work on dismantling your shadows, good seeds will be birthed - that's just the law of nature. The timing of the ego wants things to manifest in haste. And when it doesn’t, self-doubt manifests next. This is when your faith will be tested. To give into the frustration and rage is to self-sabotage and disbelieve in your ability to co-create. This decreases chances for manifesting bliss. Trust and know that a seed planted will not sow the next day. In the meantime, water your seeds by showing up for yourself as your future self and practicing daily gratitude and affirmation. By doing this, you will achieve the life of your dreams.

Sexual Energy is a gift given to us from the creator Gods. As we relearn sexual energy, we understand that it has the ability to assist us in co-creating. Develop a healthy relationship with unleashing your sensual energy. As beings that feel vibes before we hear voices, its prime to strengthen our energetic signature. This will help you manifest a life of bliss.