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Article: Why a subscription box?


Why a subscription box?

 You are a conscientious consumer who wants to uplift Black owned brands and use non-toxic products. You want to invest in indie Black women owned brands. You want to invest in yourself.

In 2021 we did a self-love box for the holidays that performed really well. I heard that customers liked selecting new products that they wouldn’t think to buy on their own. 

For years, people have asked me to do a subscription box, but I was resistant because I value choice. Since 2017, we have grown. We currently have over 290 non-toxic products and it is becoming overwhelming for new customers to pick the perfect product. 

I’ve had people tell me they want to support BLK + GRN but they didn’t know what to buy and they got overwhelmed and left the website. 

On Black Friday we are launching a subscription box that I’m really excited about. You decide how frequently you want the products and we curate a box of the new and fresh indie products. We take some of the headache away and make it easier for you to try new products. 

You have 3 subscription options:

  • BLK + GRN Family: Monthly box for $110/month. This subscription includes free shipping for a year on any and all orders sitewide (just like Amazon Prime).
  • BLK + GRN Friend: Quarterly box for $40/month. With this membership you get 15% off for a year on any and all orders sitewide.
  • BLK + GRN Fan: Annual Box for $10/month. With this membership you get 10% on any and all orders sitewide for a year.

We hope that you become a member of BLK + GRN!!