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Article: Why Going GRN is the New BLK

Why Going GRN is the New BLK

by Tanya B. Drake

It's no secret that everything green is crowding space on your IG newsfeed. Whether it's Beyonce's post, of a sprouted toast, with vibrant slices of avocado piled high. Your best friend taking random selfies in front of a luscious palm backdrop, or Sunday inspirational photos curled up with a good read and a morning cup of warm matcha and coconut cream. Going green has become a conscious priority for the black and brown community. Going green has many benefits from reducing stress, unlocking doors to abundance, and even heightening your awareness for self-love and self-care. As some may say going green is something our ancestors only knew of to survive, millennials may gain inspiration from their local yoga studios or new age spiritual mentors like Russel Simmons. Some people may even go the extra mile, by cultivating a vegan lifestyle, after tuning into the Netflix Documentary, What the Health. No matter which route you've discovered the benefits of going green, the outcome is undeniable. Simply adding greenhouse plants & decor in your office space can not only keep you alert but eliminate the feelings of afternoon drowsiness and enhance your breathing. Like plants, we absorb oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, which makes expanding oxygen levels simple. Incorporating long stem palms or bamboo can increase your happy mental state and productivity. Most people prefer to step out into nature or garden to maintain a tranquil mental state and reduce stress from an overworked brain. Even Erik Killmonger, in Black Panther, was attracted to the Heart shaped herb, to increase stamina, healing, and his kinesthetic senses to battle for his seat on the throne. Adopting a green lifestyle has an unexpected return of even more green. However, this green doesn't need water and sunshine to grow, just a little mindfulness. When cultivating a green home, it reduces your carbon footprint for the environment, but you'll begin to experience more wiggle room for purchasing, investing, and savings. Requesting "for here" options at restaurants, using cloth bags at grocery stores, or purchasing bulk items, and using glass mason jars can become effortless choices to going green, says Hayley Higdon, in Ted Talk, Zero- Waste Lifestyle. Maximizing your knowledge for green living raises awareness for environmental waste and abundance.
Whether you're selecting cruelty-free beauty care essentials from local black artisans or taking a hike at your local state park, your self- love and self- care routine, stands at a perfect 10!
Benefits of using nontoxic ingredients in your beauty care routine build confidence on your purchases, and the awareness of the ingredients/benefits on your skin. Utilizing cruelty-free cosmetics takes a stand against animal cruelty and encourages other businesses to adopt cruelty-free production methods. Adding plant-based products to your self-care routine draw in feel-good vibes and also have a grounding effect. So, now if you’re intrigued to take an herbalism class, fill your room a bunch of eucalyptus or go make your own green juice, the benefits are many and empowering. Many people within the black and brown community are making the conscious decision to jump on the bandwagon of the green movement. I believe it’s safe to say, Green is the new Black.

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