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Article: Episode 7: Choiselle - Nydia Norville


Episode 7: Choiselle - Nydia Norville

As a young model in New York City, Nydia Norville quickly discovered the toll that urban living can take on our skin - and spirit. Seeking a solution to chronically dry and troubled skin, brought on by the frantic pace of city dwelling, she found that the remedies recommended to her featured lengthy lists of synthetic ingredients and chemicals not found in nature and only seemed to exacerbate her concerns. At the other end of the spectrum, the more natural “ back to the earth” alternatives left much to be desired, aesthetically speaking, and didn’t appeal to her modern sensibilities and appreciation for understated elegance.

Thus began her journey of discovery into the potent powers of natural botanicals and a passion for formulating nature-based skincare solutions that were, at once, effective, aesthetically pleasing and elegantly packaged.

On the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, in the shadows of the Pitons, surrounded by waterfalls and rainforests, there is a place called Choiseul that epitomizes an authentically natural way of life. A place where life simply is natural and not a goal to which people aspire. Where, day-to-day, people are connected to the earth’s bounty and nature’s inherent beauty.

This is natural beauty. This is the spirit of CHOISELLE.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • Coconut oil/wax burns a lot cleaner and longer than soy.
  • Having quiet time just for yourself is essential.
  • Having your picture on your website helps change the narrative that black entrepreneurs have to hide the fact that they are black.
  • Keeping positive and keeping your head in the game.

Check Out These Highlights:

  • The benefits of coconut wax candles. (6:50)
  • Teaching people the value of Choiselle (9:30)
  • Incorporating wellness into your life (11:22)
  • Nydia's journey of entrepreneurship (18:10)
  • Displaying yourself as a black woman on your website (22:00)


  • "This is a labour of love for me. I take my time. I pour every candle. I cut each wick. I slap on each label.
  • "You need to have balance. One shouldn't be all work and no play".
  • "When you wake up, give yourself 15-20 minutes to be still and then go and attack your day".
  • "If you have a great brand, and a great product, people will buy regardless of what you look like."
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