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Article: Episode 17: Blue Sage Eco Boutique - Christina Arenas


Episode 17: Blue Sage Eco Boutique - Christina Arenas

Some things should be sacred, like our home spaces, our rituals, and the things we feed our bodies. Christina Arenas, one of our artisans and creator of Blue Sage Eco Boutique, works to cultivate body-friendly, hand-poured, soy wax candles that are affordable and easily accessible to everyone who desires to live a healthier, more intentional lifestyle.

Christina believes everyone should celebrate themselves, and candles can play an important role in necessary self care rituals. She strives to continue on her journey to spread awareness, positivity, and educating others about being mindful of protecting their bodies.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • Self love is learning to accept yourself just the way you are.
  • The products we use in our homes is just as important to our health as the products we use on our bodies.
  • Everything has energy. Everything has vibration.

Check Out These Highlights:

  • Christina talks about the process of preparing your body to shift to natural products. (7:59)
  • Tips on how to practically celebrate yourself with the time you have. (14:49)
  • Christina shares her insights on the uses and benefits of crystals. (19:00)


  • “A lot of us need to realize we’ve been putting so many chemicals in our bodies for so long, it’s going to take some time for our bodies to produce those things it needs to cleanse itself.”
  • “So many of us think self care has to be about going into a spa and getting a massage. But we all don’t have the resources to do that. So, why not create that space at home?”
  • “Create sacred moments for yourself.”
  • “Everything created by the Creator has its purpose.”

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(1 hour, 15 minutes)