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Article: Episode 22: Kushae - Kimba & Dr. Barb


Episode 22: Kushae - Kimba & Dr. Barb

While feminine hygiene is a proper way in life to reduce exposure to unpleasant infections and skin irritations, many women aren’t aware of the conventional and high-chemical products sold by cosmetic companies. Where many other organizations are focused on their product wealth, Dr. Barb and Kimba created a safe place to prioritize women’s health through Kushae, the only doctor-formulated feminine hygiene system.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to miss:

  • Women who used Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder are filing lawsuits for its traces of asbestos which is linked to ovarian cancer and mesothelioma.
  • The vaginal area has a pH of 3.5 and the best way to protect it is by keeping it balanced to prevent the bad bacteria from exposing you more infections.
  • Although commonly recommended for its mild formulas, Dove contains parabens and with a pH level of 7 which can disturb your natural pH.

Check Out These Highlights

  • Information about the twelve ingredients that have been identified by the National Institutes of Health as having very clinically relevant or scientific links to dangerous outcomes for women (21:13)
  • Kimba goes into detail on how the natural ingredients used in Kushae’s products you can find in your garden (22:42)
  • Tips on ways to keep your pH balanced (27:52)


  • “You always hear about, unfortunately, black women and the things that plague us the most. And part of it being we're taking care of everybody else but ourselves.”
  • “People really need to advocate specifically because black women are still desperately treated when it comes to health care, regardless of income.
  • “We were adamant about making sure that our brand stayed true to our mission, which was all-natural care for down there.”