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Article: Episode 21: Koya Webb


Episode 21: Koya Webb

Many people beginning their self-care journey struggle with finding the time or don't know where to start. To break down that barrier, Koya teaches us how to reclaim our time to optimize our well-being through the practice of breathwork, gratitude, breaking bad habits, and dealing with our "human emotions.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • The two main emotions that drive our actions and reactions are fear and love
  • Having plants in your house helps detox and purify your whole home.
  • All the elements we have in our universe work together to balance us out energetically.

Check Out These Highlights:

  • What it looks like when you're functioning in the darkness (17:23)
  • Koya shares ways to strengthen your spiritual connection (9:42)
  • Strategies to help escape fear-based emotions (22:44)


  • “As long as you have your breath in your body, you're able to dissolve stress and you're able to balance out your energies.”
  • “I started the yoga teacher training because I feel like the spiritual part was being left out, like rituals and routines and products that can really nurture our own health.”
  • “We don't have the choice over what happens to us, but we do have the choice on how we deal with what happens to us and how we beat ourselves up or shame ourselves or make ourselves wrong.”